From the ‘dark heart’ of the Whitworth Art Gallery

27 04 2014

From the 'dark heart' of the Whitworth Art Gallery

The new doorway that will open out from the Pilkington Gallery, located right in the middle of the existing galleries, will form a central link between the old and the new, and bring more views of the adjacent park right into the building. The image shows construction of this new opening in progress, one of four new doorways being created between the present galleries and the new build element of MUMA’s design – the other three being routes out along the new Promenade Galleries on two levels.

The following image shows the change that this doorway will have on the Pilkington Gallery – at the top, two glass doors took visitors into the two main exhibition galleries, whereas the Architect’s concept image below, shows how the new single door will provide a central entrance to our future suite of three exhibition galleries; in addition, the available hanging space in the Pilkington Gallery is increased.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 11.23.38