The Devil is in the detail – fixtures and fittings

17 02 2014

Its all in the detail

An important part of any project, are all the finishes – the detailing of brickwork and stone paving (see previous blog posts: and, window openings, light switches, floor surfaces etc, and so ISG have set up cabins dedicated to storing a huge range of samples. These are for both the Design Team and the contractors to assess all the various materials, check that fitments integrate correctly with adjacent surfaces, and that the design and quality of everything adheres to the high standards set by MUMA from the outset.

The top image shows a series of samples and mock-ups including, from the left, a window, a stainless steel external door (such as the one that will lead from the Lower Promenade to the Orchard Garden), and a roof hand-rail – a Health & Safety feature for when any staff need to gain access to the roof. Below are light fittings – for both exhibition galleries and back-of-house spaces, and finally lots of small scale but important fittings relating to fire alarms, light switches and sockets, and containment for the miles of wiring that the M&E teams are currently installing.