Images of a building in transition

22 04 2014

Images of a building in transition

Artist and photographer, Stephen Iles was on site last week to take the latest in a series of photographs of the Whitworth Art Gallery as it transforms from the old Whitworth we all know and love, to the new building as it moves closer to completion. Some of Stephen’s photographs appear almost as abstract portraits of spaces – removed from context and often unrecognisable.


92190010 web

These first three images show the bare bones of rooms – the first room like a ribcage ready to be fleshed out with plaster and paint; the others at various states from raw concrete to plaster skims.

92170005 web

92170006 web

Other photographs show objects in ‘waiting’ – a Panelock screen from the Gallery’s display system, left where it was positioned in the last exhibition on our Mezzanine level, but now in an empty gallery; or a work from the collection covered with Tyvek sheeting for protection, but temporarily stored on a wall until it can be moved into its final storage location.

A final ghostly image is of the old study rooms with false ceiling and partition wells removed, but with an old wash-hand basin still in place!

92170001 web

Stephen has been working at the Whitworth, as well as photographing other buildings in transition across the north west for several years, see the previous blog post and further images at:

There are plans in the future to exhibit images taken during the transformation process of the various building projects he was been following. In the meantime, you can read an interview with Stephen at:

See also:



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22 04 2014

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