Art in the Park – 3

17 04 2014

Art in the Park - 3

Are you becoming an expert on all the marvellous artworks that surround the Whitworth already or that have made a temporary appearance in the Gallery grounds or Whitworth Park? Or were you baffled by last month’s ‘Art in the Park’ teaser question?

The image above, taken by photographer, Alan Seabright, shows visitors to Whitworth Park responding to both the sight and sound of Emeka Ogboh’s ‘Lagos Soundscape’.

Throughout the summer of 2012 a stretch of Whitworth Park reverberated with the sounds of a market in Lagos, due to Emeka’s carefully placed barrel speakers in the trees. This was all in aid of We Face Forward, a summer of contemporary West African art and music across the city, celebrated in galleries, gig venues, via a roving ‘Art Bus’ and events and installations which permeated some of Manchester’s public spaces.

WFF_Whitworth Art Gallery_03

This work had the ability to transport you thousands of miles in an instant, and for many caused a split-second of confusion or recognition. Sister works based on sound recordings from other locations in Lagos ran as an one-off in Piccadilly Gardens and throughout the festival outside Manchester Art Gallery.

We Face Forward co-curator Bryony Bond says of the project, which is part of an ongoing series: ‘Lagos Soundscapes captures the ever-changing sounds of Africa’s most populous city and the artist’s own hometown, Lagos, Nigeria. The city is described by Ogboh as shaped by globalisation, a combination of “new and old, modern and archaic, first and third world”.’

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And so to this month’s teaser question: ‘Which Whitworth artwork comprises this unusual forest of trees?’




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18 04 2014

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