A bit of Manchester history unearthed

24 03 2014

A bit of Manchester history unearthed

Our contractors have now started the process of digging out a lift shaft at the southern end of our existing building which will, for the first time, provide lift access to the first floor level and to our new Grand Hall. During the work, they unearthed this old (but complete) glass bottle, no doubt thrown aside by a thirsty Edwardian workman into the building foundations when this section of the Whitworth was completed in 1908.

Jewsbury & Brown sparkling water

Jewsbury & Brown sparkling water

The bottle hailed from the local Manchester company, Jewsbury & Brown, of 113 Market Street, Manchester. The company sold drinks in Lancashire and beyond from 1826 until it was merged with Schweppes in 1964. They were a listed exhibitor at the Board of Trade 1922 British Industries Fair, held in London between Feb 27th and March 10th, as manufacturers of Mineral Waters of all kinds, Non-Alcoholic Cordials, J. and B. Health Salts, and Oriental Dental Preparations.

Oriental Toothpaste for cleansing, beautifying and preserving the teeth and gums!

Oriental Toothpaste for cleansing, beautifying and preserving the teeth and gums!

This latest find, will join other archaeological discoveries made during the recent digs in Whitworth Park (see previous blog posts: https://capitaldevelopmentwhitworth.wordpress.com/2013/07/10/whitworth-park-archaeology-and-history-project-remains-of-the-boating-lake/ and https://capitaldevelopmentwhitworth.wordpress.com/2012/11/12/what-lies-beneath/), and form part of the exhibition planned at Manchester Museum from May to October 2014.

If you are interested in local history, then Manchester Histories Festival is currently on (21-30 March 2014) – go to: http://www.manchesterhistoriesfestival.org.uk




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