Art in the Park – 2

20 03 2014

Art in the Park - 2

Last month we talked about the new connections being made between the extended new Whitworth and its surrounding grounds and Whitworth Park, including more large scale art installations, sculptures and artist commissions. The answer to last month’s question: ‘Which Whitworth Park artwork is made from recycled brick and concrete from Hulme and Moss Side?’, is : Cyprien Gaillard, Whitworth Park Obelisk, 2011. Above is an image of the Obelisk taken in the Spring sunshine earlier this week, with our continuing building work going on in the background.

Curator of Fine Art, Mary Griffiths says of the work: ‘This permanent public sculpture by the celebrated French artist sits on a plinth that has been empty since the Second World War. It was commissioned by the Whitworth as part of the exhibition The Land Between Us, a new look at landscape art – its imagery, and the places and power associated with it. The work is a traditional obelisk shape, but is made from recycled brick and concrete – the brick from recently demolished late nineteenth-century houses in the Bowes Street area of Moss Side, and the concrete from the remains of the 1960s flats that were located around Bonsall Street in Hulme’.

WW Park 3

Have a look at this next image, and see if you know the answer to our next ‘Art in the Park’ teaser question:

‘Which artwork brought the sounds of Lagos to Whitworth Park?’




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