Brickwork progresses to a higher level

3 03 2014

Brickwork progresses to a higher level

Having climbed up onto the scaffolding today and being close to the ascending brickwork on our Landscape Gallery, I’ve decided that in my next life, (should I choose to be part of the construction industry) – I’d be a ‘brickie’ – especially if I was able to work on such delightful designs as those conceived by our architects, MUMA. If you go back to one of my previous blog posts from last September,, you will see the sample panels being developed and the special faience pieces that will give the designs facing onto Denmark Road their distinctive ‘slash and stitch’ effect, based on textiles from the Whitworth’s collection.

Work on laying the bricks to the external Gallery walls is now well under way, albeit somewhat hidden from general view by the scaffolding, but its safe to say, the connection between the red brick and terracotta facade of our original building is apparent. The new bricks, commissioned as the ‘Whitworth blend’, have been supplied by Northcot brick, a Gloucestershire based master brickmakers, who have many years experience of producing machine-made bricks of high quality and consistency. There are also special traditional hand-made bricks, with a subtle shape and character of their own, such as those surrounding the plantroom ventilation at the far end of the Landscape Gallery (see photograph below).


Of course, when I’m a brickie, I will only want to be working when the sun is shining! Maybe that’s too much to ask, given our recent Manchester weather, but certainly seeing work progressing on the ‘pleated’ pattern on the curved, south facing wall of the Learning Studio, was a pleasure to witness – not just because it was a glorious sunny day, but as a demonstration of the beautiful detailing and finish of our emerging new building.

nicola - IMG_0006



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3 03 2014

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