Latest bird’s eye view of the construction site

13 02 2014

Latest bird's eye view of the construction site

Earlier this week I managed to dodge the rain and get back up on the roof of the nearby student Halls of Residence on Denmark Road to take this latest bird’s eye view of the construction site. On first glance it might not seem as if much has changed since the last view in mid November (see:, but on closer inspection you can see progress on the installation of window frames and glazing, in particular the large window in the Landscape Gallery facing the park, and also at the far end of the Cafe. Brickwork is also moving on and slowly creeping up the walls of the Landscape Gallery, and the huge high level window looking northwards that will bring a diffused light into the Landscape Gallery is now being fitted out within the steel structure – a move that will finally make this area watertight.


Elsewhere within the internal spaces, more work is ongoing to plaster walls, fit-out services, and lay screeds and stone paving. Preparations are being made to make the openings from the Exhibition Galleries and South Promenade through to the existing Gallery, and work has started on the installation of the 53 person goods lift.




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