Green action and well-being in Whitworth Park

31 01 2014

Green action and well-being in Whitworth Park

Although it was fairly wet underfoot, the rain held off for a few hours on Wednesday morning of this week, for a small band of willing Gallery and Museum volunteers to blow away the cobwebs, escape the computers, get a breath of fresh air, notch up some credits for their annual staff ‘Green Pledges’ and assist the Friends of Whitworth Park with a spot of gardening. It was quite a feat of willpower to brave the chilly January weather, but once there, cutting back the dead stalks from last summer’s wonderful herbaceous display in the Park’s central flower bed really got the endorphins moving and was extremely satisfying.

After working on the flower bed, we moved to the western edge of the Park where last year volunteers planted beech, oak and birch trees. Sharp eyes were needed to spot the slender saplings, but once found, we forked over the grass around each one to prevent them from becoming choked, and so that they can each be mulched with bark chippings.





Huge thanks to George, Kate, and Leanne, to John for collecting four black bin bags full of litter, and the FoWP Ken and Alistair for organising the day’s activities, providing the tools and for all their continuing passion for the beautiful park on our doorstep. Our next gardening session is scheduled for Wed 26 Feb, so anyone who lives or works locally who would like to join in and promote their well-being, please contact the FoWP (

This series of photos shows the summer flowers, and before and after shots of our morning’s work.




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