Request a table by the window

17 01 2014

Request a table by the window

If you have been a regular Whitworth visitor you will know and hopefully have enjoyed the Gallery’s marvellous and award winning cafe, and may even have seen it through various stages in its history from its earlier incarnation as the Gallery Bistro famed for its cakes and 1970s style, through to the recent culinary delights of the Modern Caterer with its focus on locally sourced and seasonal good food.

Some of you may also remember the V&A’s advertising campaign from the late 1980s whose posters included the by-line ‘… An ace caff with quite a nice museum attached’, and there is no doubt that having a great cafe as part of our offer to visitors is important to the overall vision of the Whitworth’s current building development.

The one thing that our old cafe didn’t have was a beautiful view, but that is all set to change as one of the selling points in MUMA’s concept design for the new Whitworth was the position of the new cafe extending out into the park and the delightful idea of being able to dine within the canopy of the surrounding trees.

Progress is well underway with both the cafe and the kitchens below – which I visited last week and which are huge in comparison to the area previously available to cafe staff. Our Head of Commercial Operations is currently working on the tender for a new cafe contract, and all those bidding have had the opportunity to visit the site. With the potential for evening opening hours and large scale events to service in our new Grand Hall, as well as the daytime cafe offer, there are exciting times ahead. We have benefitted from great food in the past, and expect to continue to do so in the future – one thing is for sure, whether you enjoy views over Whitworth Park or the new Art Garden, everyone will be guaranteed a table by the window.




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17 01 2014
Cheers Ruby

I like the V&A’s advertising campaign. Actually that sounds great.

18 01 2014

Reblogged this on msamba.

25 01 2014

Thank you for continuing to re blog my posts on your own site – I really appreciate it. I hope you are enjoying seeing the development unfold.

27 01 2014

You’re welcome Nicola! They’re interesting.

18 01 2014

Please may I subscribe to your blog? I am a Friend of the Whitworth. Thank you.

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