Takeover Day!

2 12 2013

Takeover Day!

We may be closed for now but that doesn’t stop Takeover Day! The
Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day gives children and young adults the
opportunity to experience the world of work and make their voices heard
within organisations and institutions. Whitworth Art Gallery continously
values our young audiences feedback and thoughts throughout the year, and
any excuse to work closely with local school groups and provide a platform
to encourage children to speak out has to be taken! This year, Rolls
Crescent Primary School were invited to join the Manchester Museum team
and ourselves to partake in a number of set briefs to help our own
development for the future build and it’s spaces.

Incorporating forest schools ethos into our takeover day programme, the
morning began with a outdoor construction activity looking at MUMA’s
architectural plans currently being built by the construction team,
ISG. The children, after running around and taking in some of the park’s
characters (most notably the ‘Willow Genesis’ aka Wicker Ma’am and the
very autumnal coloured umbrellas in the trees) began making a 2D birds eye
view of the Gallery structure using sticks and other natural resources
found in the area. In true forest school style, the children challenged
themselves and before we knew it, the 2D build had come off the ground and
taken on a 3D form – all done with energy, style, team work and with the
help of one of the crispest, brightest November mornings we are ever
likely to see to fuel the imagination!

The morning was topped off perfectly by the attendance of Mark Slater and
Aalia Khalid from ISG. Mark and Aalia visited the children in the park, to
share with the group their experience of the Whitworth capital development
project whilst giving some intriguing insight into the new build and
answering any questions that came their way – we are always appreciative
of ISG’s time and we thank them again for adding their expertise to this
special event.

The Year 6’s utilised the space on our blackboard hoardings to thrash out
ideas and visions for what they wish to see for when we re-open September
2014 – and as you would expect, we will listen and act upon their wishes!

Be sure to check out Rolls Crescent’s ideas board in the Park whilst you
See what we got up to later that day at the Museum –




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