The Whitworth’s building project one year on

28 11 2013

We moved officially from development phase to delivery phase of the Gallery’s capital development project in November 2012 when our contractors ISG arrived on site.  Hopefully since then you have been following progress on site as well as watching other related activities such as ideas around landscape design, Learning team events with visitors, exhibition loans and collections decant.

A huge amount of progress has been made so far, much of this being captured on the time lapse camera sited on the roof of the nearby University Halls of Residence on Denmark Road, and the rest being documented via staff snap-shots, and professional photographers.  Every visit on site reveals a new piece of the jigsaw coming together and a greater understanding of how the architects’ vision is fast becoming reality.

The basic structure of the building is now complete, so the contractors have for some weeks now been turning their attention to the ‘first fix’ – this includes laying cables and pipes, underfloor heating, and plastering some internal walls.  With this level of detail it is becoming easier for Gallery staff to imagine working in the new areas and make the connections between the existing gallery spaces and the new building.

While I have spent much time over the last few years closely associated with the project, and increasing amounts of time recently on site, I’m still a conservator at heart, so in the spirit of documenting the process – here is a selection of ‘before’ and ‘during’ images of the new Gallery in the Park project – there is still more work ahead, so keep on visiting the blog for continuing up-dates.






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