Impressive views – latest from the Whitworth construction site

7 11 2013

Impressive views - latest from the Whitworth construction site

For this latest post there is no particular theme or story – just some great images of progress on site and views of the new building.

First up is the Landscape Gallery with impressive ventilation ducting at high level – but this is no Pompidou Centre and all the services will be hidden before long beneath a sleek and elegant interior – MUMA style – interesting though to see what is going on in the background.



Scale is the order of the day and especially when it comes to new window apertures, and as a result fantastic views out from the Gallery onto the surrounding landscape whether onto the Orchard from the staff stairwell, or out onto the Art Garden from the Lower promenade. Equally important for the Gallery’s new vision, are the views into the building, tempting visitors in from the park.

IMG_8568 low

And staying with large scale – a great photo of the stairs in the new extension, a wonderful way to move up through the building from the park entrance to the exhibition galleries, and an ideal place for a new art commission – compare this view with the grand staircases at the front of our present building featured in a recent post:




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9 11 2013

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