Shrouded sculpture!

7 10 2013

Shrouded sculpture!

The last collection to be temporarily relocated during the current phase of our decant was the Whitworth’s sculpture collection. These items normally reside in our basement and last week were moved to enable our contractors access to this area for refurbishment work. As well as building fabulous new extensions to the Gallery, our architects, MUMA went to great lengths to analyse the existing building and rationalise how current spaces were utilised. As a result many areas that had previously been inhabited in a fairly ad hoc manner, will in future be reorganised and put to better and more efficient use. Some of our present collection stores are being turned into plant rooms, general stores or workshops; access routes will be simplified and some new walls will be built. The sculpture collection will ultimately be returned to its former location, although the store itself will be increased to almost double the size.

Although quite small, our sculpture collection continues to grow and contains some wonderful pieces that complement in particular our works on paper collection. Whilst many of the works will remain shrouded under dust covers during the Gallery’s closed period, other items will go on exhibition just up the road at Manchester Art Gallery including: Barbara Hepworth’s ‘Sphere with Inner Form’, Anthony Caro’s ‘Table Piece XCVIII’, and Sir Eduardo Paolozzi’s ‘The Twin Towers of the Sfinx’. Look out for them, and other works from the Whitworth’s collection, in the forthcoming exhibition, ‘Sculptural Forms’ which runs at Manchester Art Gallery from 28 February to 30 September 2014.








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