Documenting our construction project

3 10 2013

Documenting our construction project

For the majority of the construction project we have had a series of photographs taken for documentary purposes by professional photographer, Alan Seabright. Alan has been given good access to the site by our contractors ISG and taken some great shots of work in progress. Here is his view of the process:

“My fist site visit back in May was, to an untrained eye, a construction site of noise, stockpiled building material, concrete mixers, builders in hard hats scurrying about, and a never ending supply of mud and sludge! Move on five months and how things have changed. The structures are taking the recognisable shape of buildings with purpose and design, and with the height of some of the outer walls you get a sense of the size and depth of the project as it starts to ‘flesh out’ the outer skin of the structures. I will be back on site again in the first week of each month and expect ever more dramatic changes to have been made”.

I’ve chosen a couple of Alan’s recent photographs that show the stunning new promenades – the Lower Promenade (above) that wraps around the building at park level and which will become a significant route to our new facilities and with views into the Collections Access Area through its lovely arches; and two photos showing the junction of the wide upper Promenade, at the west end of the new exhibition galleries, where it meets the cafe.

H. Sept.
F. Sept



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