Opportunity to visit the ISG site and developing Whitworth Art Gallery!

26 09 2013

Opportunity to visit the ISG site and developing Whitworth Art Gallery!

Have you always wanted to be on the other side of those hoardings and get on site? Fancy yourself in a high viz jacket and hard hat? Well for some lucky people, our building contractors ISG, have offered site visits via their Open Doors programme on Friday and Saturday of this week.

I feel very privileged to have had a number of opportunities to join site visits and am always amazed by the changes week by week. Quite a few of our funders and other external stakeholders have joined tours too, as have Whitworth staff – including a group only today (those standing smiling in our new cafe!).  Even for those of us who have worked at the Gallery for many years and are familiar with all it’s nooks and crannies, our new building will be a very different place in which to work, and a wonderful new experience for our visitors. Not only will the building be bigger overall by 33%, but the areas open to the public will have increased by 50%. There will be a new entrance from Whitworth Park, lots of new and exciting facilities and a greater sense of light and visibility both inside and out. It’s one thing to sit and look at architects’ plans, but not everyone is comfortable with reading these or have good spatial awareness, so our staff visits have been a good way for everyone at the Gallery to familiarise themselves with the new spaces they will be working in in the future and how day-to-day activities will operate.

Its quite a challenge to marry up in your mind the old and the new, and as some staff today said, the new spaces are quite imposing – sIMG_0967IMG_1523o for those destined for a sneak preview of our site this week – have a great visit!



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27 09 2013

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