A system for double decanting our wallpaper collection

16 09 2013

IMG_0942IMG_0938As our new stores are not yet complete, but we need to hand over additional sections of the building to our contractors, ISG, some parts of the collection are having to move twice – hence the double decant – and this week it is the turn of our Wallpaper collection. A canny system has been devised for a safe and secure method of transporting the wallpaper rolls from their previous home on the shelves of mobile storage units in the Wallpaper Study Room, to a temporary holding location. Some years ago, staff at the Gallery worked with a foam fabricators to produce a shaped base that provides each roll with a distinct location on the shelf, at the same time as physically supporting the roll along its length. These foam supports, while firm on the shelving units, are problematic to move, and we needed a system to transport the hundreds of rolls in the collection at the same time as keeping them in their catalogued order, and which also continued to protect them during the temporary storage period.

A bit of brainstorming during a team decant planning session back in June, sent us back to the foam fabricators who have made some similar shaped foam sections that we have used over the top of the rolls on their bases, providing a ‘roof’ over each roll and protecting them from being squashed. Sheets of Correx (corrugated polypropylene sheeting) are used as support boards under every two layers of wallpaper rolls, and they are stacked in batches of 12 on wooden pallets. These are then covered over with Tyvek fabric (non-woven polyethylene material) and wrapped around with cling film to keep them dust proofed. Each pallet is numbered and the contents of each pallet recorded, so that when the new stores are ready, the wallpapers can be quickly and easily relocated to their new permanent home.




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