Our collections are on the move!

9 09 2013

IMG_0807IMG_0810Our collections are on the move!

We have had collections decant on our various teams’ agenda for the best part of 2 years, and now it is well and truly upon us – how those two years have flown by! Now that we have completed the de-installation of our 2013 summer season of exhibitions and returned all the works to the stores, all our collections are now on the move.

This is a complex process and has involved many staff in the planning. Curators and our Registrar have audited collections and checked current locations, created new numbering systems to ensure nothing goes astray in the move and investigated and pinned down any anomalies that have risen to the surface! Conservators, curators and volunteers (including textile students from MMU) have worked tirelessly to rationalise existing storage in the years and months up to the decant, to ensure the majority of the collection is well prepared to move into our future stores. Conservators and Technicians have planned the logistics of moving 55,000+ objects, most of them down flights of stairs, and carefully marked up our temporary storage location to receive new shelving units.

The first area to move was a textile store in our basement – a bit sad to see the old, almost empty store – but watch this space to see our future stores as they develop.




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