Beautiful brickwork

6 09 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 19.43.08 IMG_0798Beautiful brickwork

Over recent weeks as the solid and imposing mass of concrete goes up that forms our new Landscape Gallery backing onto Denmark Road and the other adjacent areas, including staff entrance, goods lift and meeting rooms, several people have asked me if the concrete will be the final finish. Well the answer is a very definite ‘No!’ The concrete shell will be faced with red brick, carefully chosen to blend with the existing building, and as I said in a previous post, much time and effort is currently going into brick samples, to ensure that our specialist subcontractors can produce exactly the effect that our architect’s MUMA have designed.

From an early stage in the development process, MUMA were keen to break up such a large expanse of brickwork with subtle patterns and turned to the Whitworth’s own collections for inspiration.  A meeting with our textile curators enabled the architects to look specifically at historic weave patterns, as can be seen in an image from one of their sketchbooks.  And so using a combination of bricklaying techniques and shaped faience pieces (see the image of a sample produced by a local company in Darwin), the commanding facade onto the road will be transformed with a contemporary, elegant brick weave design.




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