‘I love you’ at the Whitworth Weekending

31 08 2013

'I love you' at the Whitworth Weekending

There is still time to join in the festivities of the Whitworth Weekending, as the old Whitworth as we all know and love it temporarily closes its doors for the final phase of the building project.

Amongst myriad activities for all to enjoy today in the late summer sunshine, visual artist Muzamil Choudhury re-created Sir Peter Blake’s I Love You – one of the Whitworth’s most treasured artworks – out of the foods, spices and fabrics found in nearby Rusholme. As I write this, the night is drawing in, but the fun continues and will come to a literally explosive end this evening as Manchester School of Samba, fire, light and sound come together in spectacular fashion.

Join us at the Gallery and in the Park again tomorrow when the Whitworth Weekending will be brought to a close with a new work by Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson – Six White Horses will be enchanting, beautiful and elegiac.

See the full programme at: http://www.whitworth.manchester.ac.uk/whatson/exhibitions/weekending/




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