Meet the Builders

13 08 2013

Meet the Builders

While I’ve been away for a few days holiday, there has continued to be lots of activity on site and in the Gallery. On Friday, our Learning team together with Visitor Services staff and ISG builders ran a special event for families – Meet the Builders. Sarah from the VSA team reports:

“The children made lots of inspiring and colourful constructions for a 3D town including a hospital that had a garden, two prince castles (one of which had a roof swimming pool which was handy because when I asked the children what the red foil was they said fire!). There was a house with a giant chimney, cars, a bus on top of a building, a helipad, a park, a Hilton and a place to charge electric cars. The children brought all their constructions together at the end of the day to make a 3D town, and to celebrate wore ISG hard hats and florescent jackets for a group photo.

To illustrate to the families the work ISG are doing to the Gallery ISG brought along a collection of fantastic photo’s showing what they have so far done to the back of Gallery and showed some photos of very exciting tools and machines they use on site. A lot of conversation was generated from some construction quotes they brought along particularly one, which will stay in my mind, that we spend ’90 per cent of our lifetime inside a building’. They also brought along some beautiful samples of the materials they are using to build our 21st Century Gallery in a Park, such as a section of a new marble handrail.

All in all, we had a great day learning more about what ISG do and what they are doing to the Gallery which inspired us to design our own 3D town with cardboard and masking tape!”




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