1 08 2013


While the new Landscape Gallery on the Denmark Road side of the building represents urban solidity, the Cafe in the Trees to the south side, overlooking Whitworth Park, has a decidedly open and transparent feel. This is the result of a clever design concept by our architects, MUMA, and equally clever structural designs by our engineers, Ramboll – who between them found a solution to both supporting the cafe roof as well as holding the glazing in place with an elegant triangular polished steel mullion.

When these designs were originally proposed to the Gallery by the design team in May 2010, MUMA were keen to find a way to enhance the experience of dining amidst the trees – the polished steel would reflect the adjacent trees and dissolve the column when viewed at certain angles, thus maximising the connection between the Gallery and the Park.

These beautiful steel mullions are now being installed, and although usually swathed in protective materials whilst the contractors continue to work around them, last week some of them were revealed so that our architects could check their quality – as the photograph shows, they look amazing and really do reflect the leaves and dappled sunlight. The future Whitworth Cafe is definitely going to be a wonderful addition to the Manchester dining experience.




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