View from the top of the ISG crane

26 07 2013

View from the top of the ISG crane

You will have to excuse me today if I’m just too excited for my own good! Permits were in place, I had my pep talk and I’ve been up to the top of our lovely yellow crane, and although its not a big crane as cranes go, it was still quite a long climb up to the top! I was under instruction ‘not to freeze’, and I have to say, that at about ladder six, when all I could see in front of me was sky, my heart was beating fast – quite scary!

But I made it to the top, climbed out onto the jib (the long horizontal arm that swings around and carries the loads) and took photos of the latest developments on site. These include the steelwork structures for the roof of the Landscape Gallery, as well as the beautiful steel mullions that will both support the roof and glazing of the Cafe.

We are all smiling as the fabulous sunshine continues in Manchester and everyone on site is taking advantage of this long dry spell – many thanks today to Paul, Jim and Lee for organising today’s adventure, for telling me all about the oxidisation of concrete soffits, for moving cranes into position for the best photos and for keeping me safe.




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