Nikhil Chopra asleep in our partially constructed Landscape Gallery

5 07 2013

Nikhil Chopra asleep in our partially constructed Landscape Gallery

Since dawn this morning, Indian performance artist, Nikhil Chopra has been performing in the concrete shell of the Landscape Gallery, as part of the Manchester International Festival. There has been a steady stream of visitors joining him in partaking of chai, watching him move a huge bundle of cotton through the galleries and hoist it to form a tent, eating, sleeping and starting to draw a Manchester landscape in charcoal on the tent walls. The route to see Nikhil’s performance takes you out onto the edges of the construction site and along the North Promenade with views across the Park.

The experience is quite mesmeric and magical. So if you haven’t been down to the Gallery yet today, there is still plenty of time – the Gallery is open all night tonight, and then throughout Saturday day and night until sunset on Sunday. This weekend marks the start of the Whitworth’s summer season with a whole Gallery of beautifully curated exhibitions featuring the best of the collections. If you can’t make it to Manchester, then keep up with the latest news and images by following the Whitworth on Twitter.




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5 07 2013
Peter Booth


It must be said you are quite a dab hand At this blogging business now …. What a nice read .


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6 07 2013

Don’t think my blogging matches the great Indian food being served in the Gallery tonight – great mango lassi – thanks Peter.

2 08 2013

Think the blog is a great idea. Keep up the good work. I also want to say that I really enjoyed attending your gallery at 0200 on the Saturday night. The installation was magical at that time in the morning and as we walked back up Oxford Road into Manchester at 0400 dawn was breaking. Truly beautiful. And it was also lovely to be able to get nice fresh coffee at that time of the morning too. The buzz around the gallery was brilliant. You really should look into doing more all-nighters and maybe staging more performance art… Thank you for this. J

2 08 2013

Thank you for your positive comments and please spread the word about the blog and great events at the Gallery – look out for our Whitworth Weekending events at the end of August and many more to come in the future.

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