Building the Landscape Gallery

19 06 2013

Building the Landscape Gallery

Work is well underway on the Whitworth’s new Landscape Gallery that sits alongside Denmark Road and projects out into the Park. The new Whitworth will have significantly different changes of levels, so that this beautiful new space, with views out onto the trees will be at ground level for visitors coming into the building from the Oxford Road entrance, but will be one floor up (above the new Study Centre) for anyone entering the Gallery from the Park. Our Director, Maria Balshaw, is the only member of staff who has, as yet, stood in this space, and commented earlier this week on how lovely it was, and yet strange to have these elevated views out of the building.

There will be a chance very soon for everyone to visit the partially constructed Landscape Gallery, as it is the venue for Indian artist, Nikhil Chopra’s 65 hour performance ‘Coal on Cotton’ for the Manchester International Festival. The whole of the Whitworth will be open from dawn on Friday 5 July to sunset on Sunday night for MIF’s opening weekend and the start of the Gallery’s summer season. Further information can be found on the Gallery website and also on Nikhil Chopra’s performance at:




2 responses

25 06 2013
Michael Braid

Is there to be an entrance into the Gallery from Denmark Road? It is my understanding that it will no longer be possible to drive a motor car into the Gallery Grounds using the existing entrance from Oxford Road. This may create a problem for disabled motorists. Will there be parking for disabled Blue Badge holders in the vicinity of the Gallery and, if so, where?

Thank you
Michael Braid

25 06 2013

Yes – there will be a pedestrian entrance on level ground via the Park gate from Denmark Road through to a new Gallery entrance into the building. Internally from here there will be disabled access to all public areas of the Gallery; publicly accessible areas will have increased by 50% and in addition to our current lift, there will be two additional lifts to access other areas of the building. Although cars will no longer be able to access the Gallery grounds due to the Oxford Road Corridor plans, there will be access along Denmark Road from the west, and the Gallery have plans for disabled car parking on Denmark Road adjacent to the path to the Gallery. This new entrance will be similar in distance to the current parking arrangements.

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