First sight of the goods lift!

13 05 2013

First sight of the goods lift!

It might not seem very exciting, but I care for the wellbeing of my team, and let me tell you, a goods lift (and a decent loading bay) were top of my wish list all those years ago when staff got together at the Gallery to shape their vision for our new building.

The Gallery was first formed at the beginning of the 20th century, and a small passenger lift put in when the interiors of the Gallery were refurbished in the 1960s. Few galleries would have managed to install such ambitious exhibitions over the years with the facilities the Gallery team have coped with – its been a case of careful planning and resourcing, a lot of hard graft, use of lifting equipment and the occasional drafting in of a few hefty rugby players!

On Friday of last week, I was on site with a staff visit and saw much progress – the learning studio and study centre at ground level are really taking shape, staff facilities, the new kitchen, stairways and the doorway out to the Orchard garden are all visible. Not least the large lift, capable of accommodating 52 people, is large indeed and just what is needed to save the legs and backs of members of my team and move artworks between our loading bay, stores and exhibition galleries on all levels.



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