Who am I? Client Coordinator and newbie blogger

17 04 2013

Who am I? Client Coordinator and newbie blogger

Several things have prevented me from posting anything new recently to the blog – I’ve been on holiday (to Pompeii and other building sites!) and then at two conferences, and I’ve also got a new camera that I’ve not yet learnt how to get pictures out of, so I’m reduced to posting a recent picture of myself on site. However, while I’m new to all this, I’ve realised that many bloggers identify themselves – so I thought I’d introduce myself.

My name is Nicola Walker and I’ve worked at the Whitworth for nearly 20 years, first as the paper conservator and more recently as Head of Collection Care & Access. Alongside all other staff at the Gallery, I was involved in early brainstorming over plans and wish-lists for our new building, and then became more formally involved in the project in autumn 2009 when I was asked to take on the role of Client Coordinator between Gallery staff and the Design team. I’m now continuing that role by liaising regularly with our contractors ISG, and hopefully smoothing the interface between the work on site and the many activities that the Gallery is still offering our visitors.

2009 seems a very long time ago, and lots of work, by a huge range of people, got us to where we are now. It was hard to blog at earlier stages in the development process, as there’s often not much of interest to report from meetings – but now that so much activity is happening on site, I’ll endeavour to get more information and pictures up for you to see.

Now that you know who I am – please feel free to comment or ask questions.




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