But is it art?

14 02 2013

But is it art?

As our old exhibition galleries are stripped out by the demolition crew, this curiously artistic looking heap of wood is all that remains of the parquet flooring! The slatted ceiling has also gone and all this material will go for recycling and architectural salvage. This week was the first opportunity I have had to go onto the construction site, rather than look down on it, and a strange experience to see familiar spaces beginning to take on a new identity.




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14 02 2013

IS IT ART ! Iam not sure but it could be ?
When we talk about architectural salvage
Should we not be salvaging ourselves ?
If not to make a design statement then a small memory of what was the past brought to the present ?

14 02 2013
Nicola Walker

Part of the deal is that the contractors will pass over to us a portion of the parquet flooring in case, at a future date, pieces are required to repair the other floors that were laid throughout the Gallery during the Bickerdike refurbishment in the early 1960s. However, on a project as large as this, many other less beautiful materials – wood, brick, metal etc – are costed for salvage. Its part of how the demolition team make their living, and also part of how the project complies with BREEAM and sustainability.

14 02 2013

Thanks Nicola that’s really good to know
I kind off that but it’s always better in black and white …. Looking forward to your next post

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