What Lies Beneath?

12 11 2012

We’re about to start building! On the 26th November we will welcome contractors ISG who will be getting started on the new build which is the first phase of the capital project. But before they can start we wanted to find out what’s been on the site in the past.

Oxford Archaeology undertook two weeks of digging, exploring the remains of the garden of Grove House, the property which was on the site where the Whitworth now stands, and especially the site of a series of glasshouses which we know were on the site.

Some of the features are just below the current ground surface so the team started to find things pretty much as soon as they began digging. David, Graham and Ian from Oxford Archaeology were brilliant at showing visitors what they were finding and helping people understand the layout, and some of our visitors got their hands dirty and did a bit of digging themselves. A home education group who are regular visitors to the Gallery spent an hour helping out and unearthed shillings and Victorian pottery.




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24 03 2014
A bit of Manchester history unearthed | Gallery in the Park

[…] and https://capitaldevelopmentwhitworth.wordpress.com/2012/11/12/what-lies-beneath/), and form part of the exhibition planned at Manchester Museum from May to October […]

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